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Light enough to be carried by a single person, MAXIBEAM is ideal for imaginative features that will add real interest to your Walls and Ceiling without expensive and complex structures. Using our installation system, with the added flexibility of our bespoke sizing and finishes, our creative feature beams provide unparalleled creative scope.

Produced to suit your projects dimensions, we fully finish the faces and  underside of our lightweight decor beams in  a large range of factory-applied finishes, meaning you have no on-site cutting or finishing and the beams arrive on site ready to install.

MAXIBEAM helps to define your interior. With enhanced visual impact giving your space its own identity, you will encourage dwell time and footfall, which contributes to added value and Return on Investment.




  • Lightweight and easily installed
  • Fully finished face and bottom edge (no on-site cutting or finishing)
  • Adaptable sizes to complement your ideas and your budget
  • Almost limitless range of finishes
  • Bespoke or exclusive options
  • Shaped designs including for use on curves


For product specification, download MAXIBEAM Data Sheet or
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  • Education

  • Food on the go

  • Hotels

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Offices

  • Public Buildings

  • Residential

  • Retail

  • Wine & Dine

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SUPAWOOD’s market-leading Australian range of decorative timber acoustic wall and ceiling panels are now manufactured in the UK – great news for UK Specifiers and users!

VTEC’s alliance with SUPAWOOD UK enables our clients to benefit from Local manufacture and Global expertise on our vast range of great looking and highly creative systems that provide

  • quick lead times
  • acoustic excellence
  • a fantastic range of finishes
  • design flexibility
  • slatted ceilings with full access
  • various cost level

Available Styles


Vtec's comprehensive finishing solutions provide you with a fantastic spectrum of colours and effects. Our factory applied finishes give so much more than “just another covering" and leave you with hundreds of options to choose from to create something truly different for your clients.


Where the project requires a Natural Timber finish, we can produce the slats in many veneer species so the finish can match with other surfaces as required. We can stain the slats if required to achieve the right look.


Matched to almost any colour, our spray paint finish gives you the ability to have your slats in almost any colour. We typically work to colour references such as RAL and NCS, and spray in matt, satin or high gloss onto our factory-applied base layer.


Applied to the face of the beams with matching edging, this laminate provides you with a great looking finish without the cost of solid timber veneer. Available in a variety of finishes, including Woods and Solid Colours.

Standard Supalami Finishes:




The design called for dramatic feature beams in these offices, but the ceiling system was unable to take the weight of solid timber. MAXIBEAM was chosen for it’s looks and also its lightweight properties, which enabled it’s use with the proposed ceiling system and made transporting them to the 14th floor easy!


MAXIBEAM was used in this theatre to help both visually and acoustically. The beams were installed to run in parallel with the faceted rear wall and to run above the curved bank of seats in the auditorium.


The creative design of this project required something different for the bar and restaurant of this popular venue. MAXIBEAM was the choice for for both the ceilings and raked wall features. Adjustable lighting was an important element of the design, and MAXIBEAM allowed this to be easily integrated .


Our client selected MAXIBEAM for various areas of this shopping centre. The flexibility of the system allowed use of 3 different colours and different sized beams for a wonderful eclectic look which added interest and drama to complement the design.